Future Floral Buissness


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Gardening and arranging agricultural achritechture runs in my family. Starting in Boston Mass. As my great grandfather was a national award winning agriculture exhibitionist in 1920’s.
He mastered the technique and studying nature with his own eyes and was able to be one who fell in love with nature and nurture of plants and trees.
My Great grandmother was always having anywhere from 40-50 plants that she was growing and consolidation was never an option. She loved them with all her heart. My grandfather was a natural genius being a member of Mensa in 1940 through 1947. His mind was less on nature and growing plants and more on mathematical equations.

As a child my mother always had fern plants and a lot of other house plants .

At age 23 I picked up a seasonal job as a Garden Sales Associate and had been reintroduced to plants and flowers. Perennials and annuals. Living on my own in a small 595 sq. ft one bedroom but yet without any patio we had beautiful rose bushes out front on the side of the building .
At the time I would tend and care for the roses as if they were my personal responsibility . Apparently no one took care if them in 5 years the mail man had shared with me in that amount of time he had worked the mail route to my apartments, located downtown Sacramento, he had never seen any one taking care of the front flower beds expect me .
He explained how pleasant it was to have someone carrying for the roses, for had they been neglected in the past.
Two years latter and having a beautiful home, being blessed and able, I finally have a descent yard to plant as many flowers and bulbs as I possibly can and take proper care of them. I will take advantage of the opportunity to start a business for bouquets for my friends and family.
Ever since I was a little girl I know I have picked flowers for years for all the ones I love . And every when I can not afford to buy an arrangement, I drive around aimlessly for new and blooming secret areas where I know I can go snip off a few good buds.
Concluding the Idea I have for a potential business to get me through online classes in college while working my day job ; witch I love, selling shoes at the local mall. I will be doing lots of research from now on about attributing my energy to floral bouquets.



By LeeAna Gibb

crawling towards the ample hell I’ve created in this life.
speaking towards your spirit for forgiveness .
sitting next to me you can tell I’m lost and will never be found

I’m on my way to heaven you said .
I can’t find the answer to make you happy .
learning that the things we see are not interesting anymore .
but I see in the light I can be forgiven once more .

Written for my grandfather Robert Wetzel

07-04-1922 to 11-05-2011

Thursday stuff

Things I did today : called into work : they didn’t need me otherwise is be sleeping because I always have an extra 4 hours of energy at night.

I got a quote for the dents on my car

Called for doctors appointments .
My next ones are :
April 2nd at 12 noon
June 9th at 8:15 am

Did laundry and haven’t been feeling so shitty.

Was feeling emotionally stable until I got home and couldn’t find the small tray for the conventional oven . Then when I asked him to come find it in the kitchen he proceeded to fake punch me . THAT I don’t like…. So I the through a fit … F that
Anyways on a more positive note:

He’s going to be having a job change soon and I’m very excited for him . I hope he’s realizing he will get half the pay . But he will be working on cars witch he loves to do so much .

He currently owns two Volkswagens. A 58 oval and a 65 . He’s kinda neurotic about his cars and gets stressed easily about them but soon enough with working on cars I think he will be more excited to work on his . His job now is vehicle wraps and it’s a very tedious job witch he doesn’t get or feel he gets the credit he deserves . I do hope the best for him . He got back from bugorama with his amazing friend tony who is the national champ in drag racing .

Today wasn’t sooooo bad considering . Well off to nap time .

Things to do

Well I got Kurtis a awesome gift today for his birthday omg it’s so far away. May 27th . Ehh anyway I can’t sleep witch is better then feeling like death and can’t sleep. I get so inspired on Instagram : hmm funny : insta , gram , like a gram of coke or gram of H.

My Instagram is @lowbones

So is my snap chat

Thank god for the blocking feature .

I’m being complex and feeling like there’s a huge list of things to do :

Make dr appt.
Make food for tomorrow night
Return my splurge from ross :$ 108.76
But… There’s always a but
I found an awesome pair of light lime green Volcom jeans , an awesome Hurley tank , super rad curtains, a perching dragon, witch I had asked for a discount on due to the broken corner but that’s final sale … Two bras and a three set of new sleep underwear.
I threw a ton of things away and am slowly purging my clothes that I do not need/want and that are just plain too childish . It’s hard not to buy any Super Mario tees and starwars memorabilia especially the vintage items. Not to say the CHUM LEE xShepard Fairy colab tee from hot topic I bought a month ago is still hanging up 😦

Also buying any Oakland Athletics apparel and hello kitty winter headbands is just heart breaking , so I give in and I just can’t do it anymore.
I always find my self struggling everyday with my spending and it’s time to do as suggested : put my ATM card into a plastic NOT GLASS container as I learned last time the glass will shatter almost like my morals.
Rent is coming up and bills are over Two weeks late. Phone bill witch is unnecessarily high as if 170 dollars per month is worth social net working. Pft shm

Taxes need to be done …

FAFSFA needs to be complete

Work needs to schedule more hours because don’t they know I need money for San Diego in June !

Oakland A’s game after my 25 th birthday yay 😭 yes I can cry !


I’m feeling much better today

Honestly felt like I was dying yesterday almost started crying . It’s sprinkling in Sacramento and reminds me of Santa Cruz on a overcast day. I’m loving it .
Kurtis came home last night and was exhausted from driving back from Arizona. I watched anchorman two times in a row while he was sleeping. I felt horrible last night and had to put a towel to what towel on the back of my neck

Excuse my symptoms but I can help it

What I’m experiencing tapering off my sertraline
Dizziness and balance problems
Electric shock sensations
Flu-like symptoms
Loss of coordination
Trouble sleeping

As the online describes also some more of what I’m experiencing …”
In rare cases, in people who have bipolar disorder, antidepressant withdrawal has been known to trigger mania. Withdrawal from certain, older types of antidepressants called MAOIs has also (though rarely) been reported to cause confusion and psychotic symptoms”

My stomach is in knots I’m feeling sick and can’t help but to have that electric shock feeling and there’s nothing I can do . I’m going to have to call about my fever and also my inability to move my body regularly without feeling light headed .
• Call your doctor if you develop very high fever, rigid muscles, shaking, confusion, sweating, or increased heart rate
and blood pressure, as these may be signs of a rare but potentially fatal condition called neuroleptic malignant syndrome.