Hampers , pampers, blue frosting and… Good quotes

It’s like Risk with cheap resin and terra cotta pots!

I love that part !!!

I’m taking up the space on my bed at approximately 14.2 inches plus my arms diameter . I say 14.2 because my 34 inch bras are too big and my 32 inch size bras are too small . I know my arms are wide so I’m not going to guess.
My cats length is taking up the half to my right and my overly exhausted boyfriend is sleeping on his side but he is butt out and shoulder back so it’s a small space but the extra peace of mind is that I get to still have my Catt by my side because I didn’t loose him today or my boyfriend because I get to use my commutative properties of illuminating little issues and looking at what should be disgusted … Instead of …. Jtdxuhkig … Chaos

Surplus is not betting then plus.

Aligning issues into a answer and perceiving a solution is the way the universe works. It’s what you perceive to be a solution for inadequate questions we may be asking . And yet why ask. Unless in poverty … Or loss and or without senses in your body … Why.

Lov<!ng my Ms. Katie and Ginger today . Untill tomarrow .

Sleep with oxygen now. find oddsmaker



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