Life doesn’t owe you favors

But what time do I get to give favors to life’s channeling force of arrangements ? The times I am most insecure is when I’m going to meet me new Pyschiatrist and I’m Afraid of her telling me I start new anti psychotic medication and then I start thinking I’m really a psycho path . Interestingly enough I believe I am opposite of any sort. I am a rationale person with a way of systematic revolution that never fails but the way the world has every system set up is a directive to obstacles that only give a false lack of integrity that things you want to achieve are unachievable … Unless you have money , know the right people , or you conform .

I’m sorry I’m not sorry LeeAna

I haven’t have the most amazing life but I know I won’t conform for a family , for a fortune. But for only a day that I finally succeed in my own eyes.

In witch I face all fears and can’t see my past as nothing but a huge learning experience .

I am waiting for my Prince Charming as for now he sleeps next to me and talks about being a confused old person while in his sleep.



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