Things to do

Well I got Kurtis a awesome gift today for his birthday omg it’s so far away. May 27th . Ehh anyway I can’t sleep witch is better then feeling like death and can’t sleep. I get so inspired on Instagram : hmm funny : insta , gram , like a gram of coke or gram of H.

My Instagram is @lowbones

So is my snap chat

Thank god for the blocking feature .

I’m being complex and feeling like there’s a huge list of things to do :

Make dr appt.
Make food for tomorrow night
Return my splurge from ross :$ 108.76
But… There’s always a but
I found an awesome pair of light lime green Volcom jeans , an awesome Hurley tank , super rad curtains, a perching dragon, witch I had asked for a discount on due to the broken corner but that’s final sale … Two bras and a three set of new sleep underwear.
I threw a ton of things away and am slowly purging my clothes that I do not need/want and that are just plain too childish . It’s hard not to buy any Super Mario tees and starwars memorabilia especially the vintage items. Not to say the CHUM LEE xShepard Fairy colab tee from hot topic I bought a month ago is still hanging up 😦

Also buying any Oakland Athletics apparel and hello kitty winter headbands is just heart breaking , so I give in and I just can’t do it anymore.
I always find my self struggling everyday with my spending and it’s time to do as suggested : put my ATM card into a plastic NOT GLASS container as I learned last time the glass will shatter almost like my morals.
Rent is coming up and bills are over Two weeks late. Phone bill witch is unnecessarily high as if 170 dollars per month is worth social net working. Pft shm

Taxes need to be done …

FAFSFA needs to be complete

Work needs to schedule more hours because don’t they know I need money for San Diego in June !

Oakland A’s game after my 25 th birthday yay 😭 yes I can cry !



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