Thursday stuff

Things I did today : called into work : they didn’t need me otherwise is be sleeping because I always have an extra 4 hours of energy at night.

I got a quote for the dents on my car

Called for doctors appointments .
My next ones are :
April 2nd at 12 noon
June 9th at 8:15 am

Did laundry and haven’t been feeling so shitty.

Was feeling emotionally stable until I got home and couldn’t find the small tray for the conventional oven . Then when I asked him to come find it in the kitchen he proceeded to fake punch me . THAT I don’t like…. So I the through a fit … F that
Anyways on a more positive note:

He’s going to be having a job change soon and I’m very excited for him . I hope he’s realizing he will get half the pay . But he will be working on cars witch he loves to do so much .

He currently owns two Volkswagens. A 58 oval and a 65 . He’s kinda neurotic about his cars and gets stressed easily about them but soon enough with working on cars I think he will be more excited to work on his . His job now is vehicle wraps and it’s a very tedious job witch he doesn’t get or feel he gets the credit he deserves . I do hope the best for him . He got back from bugorama with his amazing friend tony who is the national champ in drag racing .

Today wasn’t sooooo bad considering . Well off to nap time .


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