Future Floral Buissness


{{{LeeAna’s Loveliness }}

Gardening and arranging agricultural achritechture runs in my family. Starting in Boston Mass. As my great grandfather was a national award winning agriculture exhibitionist in 1920’s.
He mastered the technique and studying nature with his own eyes and was able to be one who fell in love with nature and nurture of plants and trees.
My Great grandmother was always having anywhere from 40-50 plants that she was growing and consolidation was never an option. She loved them with all her heart. My grandfather was a natural genius being a member of Mensa in 1940 through 1947. His mind was less on nature and growing plants and more on mathematical equations.

As a child my mother always had fern plants and a lot of other house plants .

At age 23 I picked up a seasonal job as a Garden Sales Associate and had been reintroduced to plants and flowers. Perennials and annuals. Living on my own in a small 595 sq. ft one bedroom but yet without any patio we had beautiful rose bushes out front on the side of the building .
At the time I would tend and care for the roses as if they were my personal responsibility . Apparently no one took care if them in 5 years the mail man had shared with me in that amount of time he had worked the mail route to my apartments, located downtown Sacramento, he had never seen any one taking care of the front flower beds expect me .
He explained how pleasant it was to have someone carrying for the roses, for had they been neglected in the past.
Two years latter and having a beautiful home, being blessed and able, I finally have a descent yard to plant as many flowers and bulbs as I possibly can and take proper care of them. I will take advantage of the opportunity to start a business for bouquets for my friends and family.
Ever since I was a little girl I know I have picked flowers for years for all the ones I love . And every when I can not afford to buy an arrangement, I drive around aimlessly for new and blooming secret areas where I know I can go snip off a few good buds.
Concluding the Idea I have for a potential business to get me through online classes in college while working my day job ; witch I love, selling shoes at the local mall. I will be doing lots of research from now on about attributing my energy to floral bouquets.


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