Updating to a new level

In referring to a relationship, I feel that I am still learning the true sense of the word. A relation is something that you are interested in, and for myself I keep working towards that interest in the mystery of what is a true happy relationship. We all have hardships and we all have struggles and a true friend and confident will always be there for you, that is an awesome relationship with somebody that is always there for you no matter what kind of circumstances go with it.

I haven’t written in a long time and over the past couple weeks I haven’t been feeling well and I’ve had to go to the doctor twice I have been helping my grandmother out a lot and also working on my own personal relationship and my relationship with my boyfriend. Instead of being so worried all the time about what other people are doing and having all of that interest in others rather than spending time with my other half I have gotten to slow down a lot over the past couple weeks and really look at my actions through his eyes. Seeing things from a different perspective isn’t easy commonly it doesn’t come naturally to me. I tend to be very selfish and extremely immediate with other people .

I’ve been building a small yet very extremely tiny foundation on which I would like to one day call a tomb of greatness. The past few weeks have not been easy and looking at my ability of a selfish destruction is just admitting that I can only be one person yet be the best person I know I can be . At this time I’m making a list of the women I want to be and in that list there are immense amounts of spiritual goals. Goals of acceptance and to be positive influence to help others when they are struggling.


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