I had an episode

I’ve finally figure out that the seal in my bathroom window isn’t the best . I saw a spider underneath my vanity in bathroom after seeing a tiny baby spider … And decided to find the mother of the pests.

My seal to my window is horrendous it towards the top of the ceiling so I never look or see how bad it acctualy is. I decided that clearing everything off my counter and placing it under either where it belongs it’s a great idea then I shall wipe and clean off the counter top . That leads to cleaning the floor. But befor I do all of that work I might as well go from the bottom to the top.

Starting at the window seal I notice there’s a ton of dirt clods and also brown seas type things so I sweep them off with my tiny dust panand proceed to spray with the ever so blessed complete bleach spray to remove the mildew from taking previous showers . That lead to an unforgiving headache . I continue to wipe down every wall and every corner with a wet rag and relies I need to clean the toilet as well. But that will be last because lord knows if your excited about cleaning toilets first your oddly disgusting and a morbid human.

I find that by doing all of this I am feeling more clean , secure , and safe in my bathroom . No more mildew , baby spiders and soon to be sparkling toilet .

I am a very clean person with good hi-gene indeed but sometime it goes to the extreme with certain issues . This time just the one spider set me off into A complete different world . I’m content with being extremely clean but if you were some fly on the wall examining why I need to get every crack and corner and excessively wash your hands with soap and water after every surface, might be thinking this is more then just a normal ” oh she’s cleaning her bathroom” you might think ” this chick is insane. ”

So by this time I’m cleaning away window open from all the fumes and I proceed to whipe all surfaces again and double check if I’ve missed anything . Now that was just a beginning of it . I relised my trash is contaminated so I better take it out side. Then I wash all my cloths over again and wash my hand repeatedly untill they are burning hot witch makes me feel cleansed .

My boyfriends asleep on the couch during my excursion of purge cleaning the bathroom and honestly it might have been better then sex. Since that the whole reason I realized I could clean my entire bathroom with zero disruption.

All in all I am an obsessive and very compulsive human being . I’m just grateful I’m not a pill popping junky at some stupid party on a Friday night .

I’m done.


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