Learning opportunities to love one another-

This love word has been the topic of many conversations I have had over the past week and just reflecting on thees conversations I’ve had multiple thoughts and some simple solutions to questions that have risen about when you love some one.

My conclusion has been presented to me through others loving me(unconditionally) love and unconditional love are the two complicated games if you make it that way. The coming inanimate is the unconditional part.

What’s that word love mean? When some loves you, how do you know they mean it ?
Fear of insecure and sensitive topics when you love someone, they love you weather you are in your best and you know they love you when they are there to help you through your worst.
If only people didn’t have to be insecure and or so vague with throwing around the word love there wouldn’t be insecurity Because when you say you love some one and the difference between really loving them is complex unless you separate the too from selfish and inconsiderate and unthoughtful motives, it is an order no one will understand until they find and search for the right people who can show them that unconditional love that we were born with to have love and be shown love.
Love is sensitive and our hearts are full of wants, needs and desire, nor does it even begin crush that dangerous territory of emotion and memories in witch we might be holding in our past with hesitant grace. Love is only a wood work of the genuine and kind hearted people who give enough of themselves to simple care for another person. That means they should you by acting with integrity and building your trust . Love isn’t hurtful therefor disowning trust in an other is only a flaw of being human. Making obstinate of reality that when catering to only yourself can not be love that is greed.
another observation for me in my personal relationships is of the word Understanding and understanding the other person is a true awareness that we, a living breathing organism, always searching for sex, security and a high standard in today’s sub par soviet society can easily forget and understanding of others emotions, behavior, and social concerns just go unnoticed with forfeit of territory battle on the front of “you just don’t understand”. And standing be hind that you don’t grow with one another .

Letting go of past misfortunes and scenarios when you thought you were in love and got hit by a drain one day, saying is wasn’t your fault or even not placing the blame on the other. It probably wasn’t love. Love evolves and grows as we form relationships with care and understanding and also a common respect of treating people the way you want to be treated. Talking about the ideas and things that stem from the word love is infinite. I’m glad the world can’t all wake up one day and stop loving. It isn’t a topic that comes up as often but thank god I have the ones around me who are learning to love and are also asking about it . It makes me really happy to know that they are positive and searching for true happiness . I’m glad I can join this journey . That is all .


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