On the popular bandwagon in witch you call “ADULT” of a solidified nature

Dose the illusion of being an adult scare you ? Are you intrigued by the thought of others seeing you as someone who can manage your life well? Being an Adult can be one of my more uninterested topics in any conversation but the thought of what others believe is a successful adult or just adulthood is interesting ? What makes a perfect successful vision?

I am a visionary . My life is not what I thought it would be as an “adult”. I work for a company who sees only that I make money for them, it doesn’t make money for me. I’m just good at what I do. I do love making life seem like it’s more of a plaguing virus as opposed to CirDeSole including anything but a ballerina and without a valley parking service that offers the general admissions more then 70$ witch I never seem to have .

I am a visionary . (I often forget) I can explore all the world and fall for a everything under 20$ sale and be suspended from driving because I failed to send my 25$ correction fee in the mail with my poof of correction .

My poor fingers can’t sit still for more then 2 min and 31 seconds without clenching , then squinting my eyes , witch are forming horrible wrinkles on my forehead from thinking of a way to just think about not collectively clenching my fist .

For an adult , I seem to not notice I can be quite of embarrassment when I haven’t taken the right amount of Zoloft and added the daily ADHD medication. I get squeamish and uphold a right to get what’s mine when the fact I want my nail polish remover for a dollar and forty nine cents because someone placed it on the wrong shelf and an employee had failed to put it in the correct spot.

I live in Sacramento Ca. I held a 3.2 at graduation of high school year and can’t seem to get past non transferable math and English because I’m to lazy to transfer my TRANscrips .

My emotions can’t holds responsible for the fact I just don’t care to get old . I always know I am the absolute coward that can tell you ok just to shut you up . I can’t accept this behavior . So I changed it.

Forgive me.


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