Bio: I am a genius . I love to play word games, battleship, guessing games and thumb wars. Only a sound represents the fact that all of the words and letters that cover up our personality. My thinking is not generic or of the norm. My mind is creative beyond it's years and my learning capacity will end when I die or if by some chance I start to develop any brain disorder that is incurably documented by a physician or doctor. I can't explain to you more perhaps you might believe me to be very neurotic and a bit dismantled in my thought process. I care at negative amounts of none to opinion. Weather it be if myself or of others. I am just a girl represents my childhood I am not a woman because I feel women are over 40 years and don't plan to see an OBGYN after I've had 2 or 3 children. If I ever have any. (Writing topic) Writing isn't just an outlet for me it's a coffee lounge where you embark on humans who have actually started conversing instead of cybversing - opposing of using the larynx. I will cooperate and think to become somewhat discovered and yet unknown. Mysterious, I know nothing. Why not turn on my own creative high beams and try to seek my truth. Instead of wandering this world only by a photo a day challenge or becoming insta-famous to show for it. I want something more.

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